5 advanced add-ons for the Gmail Android app

Friends, emailers, internet persons: Lend me your ears — ’cause my goodness, have I got one heck of an incredible Gmail treasure to share with ye today.

It’s an entire system of advanced add-ons that I’m pretty sure has been largely forgotten. I know I’d forgotten all about it until just the other day, when I was poking around in my inbox (as one does) and suddenly found myself making a hilariously cartoony slack-jawed expression whilst guffawing with glee.

And lemme tell ya: If you’re anywhere near as obsessed with efficiency as I am, you’re about to be doing some slack-jawed guffawing of your own.

Let me quickly set the stage before we dive in: These add-ons are part of an official Google Workspace Marketplace platform that I’m pretty sure precisely four people have visited in the past six months. It’s home to a series of tools you can add directly into different Workspace apps and then use without ever having to open anything else or interrupt your workflow.

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