This would be a good time to test your cloud ROI

Enterprises have been moving steadily to the cloud for years, often paying for multiple cloud platforms — and the COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated that trend, as businesses closed offices and outsourced their on-prem operations. 

Now, as the pandemic seemingly winds down and workers are returning to the office, several questions arise: Has anyone on your team run an ROI analysis on your cloud use? Is your company actually saving money? Is the cloud-centric environment indeed more scalable and secure than your team can deliver internally? Has someone — anyone — recently done the math? 

David Heinemeier Hansson, the co-owner and CTO of 37Signals (maker of Basecamp and HEY), argues that many have not — and they need to. With 2023 just around the corner, and the need to support fully remote workers with cloud-based apps and software waning, this is the time to crunch some numbers. 

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